visit over a religious or historical place and Reporting Writing

Question -:   You might have made a visit over a religious or historical place of any of the geographical site .what were the title of the study, objectives , methods, findings and conclusion and recommendations of your visit? Write in brief.


   Ans-:                 A VISIT TO BHAKTAPUR DUARBAR SQUAR                                   



(a) Place to visit-:


                       We the students of class Ten, had an excursion to Bhaktapur Durbar Square for our educational tour of historical place. Which is a very renowned historical place extremely situated about 15km to the eastern part of Katmandu valley at the heart of Bhaktapur district. This place is famous for its historical background, culture, art, architecture and sculpture and magnificent.


(b) Objectives to visit-:

            We had two objectives in our entire education tour. They are-:

  • To explore the historical and cultural importance of Durbar Square
  • To find out the present movement of Bhaktapur S.
  • To get the knowledge about historical importance of the D.R.


(C)Methodology -:

                   We applied both primary &secondary methodologies, interview with local people and professional guide as well as direct observation for our primary method .The study of the journal, magazines, books, buster related to history published by concern authority for secondary method.



                    At first we entered into the golden gate & headed towards 55 window palace built by Bhupatindra Malla which is the most gorgeous specimen of the entire the world.

                              The 55 windows palace is one of the master piece in the history of Nepal .which has identified Nepal as historically important place where we found the temple of Batsaladevi in shikhara style. The palace in Bhaktapur Durbar Square is mostly found in pagoda style. We also saw a bronze bell on the terrace of the temple which is also known as “the Bell of Barking Dogs” because the dogs surrounded to bell to start barking whenever the bell rings. We also saw the tallest temple of the valley in lilted in the square, built by the great “Mall king Bhupatindra Malla”. The carvings, griffins & statue of Bhupatindra Malla,faced towards 55 windows palace is another part of attraction besides temple, which are eye catching. And statue of Narapashu can also be seen everywhere. The golden gate temple, the Nyatopola, Dattatraya & the Bhairav temple mesmerized the visitors & the tourist.

                  But, the inscriptions were not understandable because they are very antique. The statues, carvings, & some other valuable properties are in jeopardized condition. Road surrounded to it is not properly pitched &ditch everywhere.


 (e) Conclusion & recommendation-:

After having a very interesting, memorable & valuable educational tour, we came to an epilogue that Bhaktapurs D. S. is very rich in its cultural & historical importance but the things associated to that palace , temple, statues surrounding are in jeopardized condition, so following recommendations need to follow for the protection of this masterpiece in an arena of Nepalese history & its glory.

  • The temples, inscriptions & statues need to be renovated.
  • There should be timely reconstruction of the roads.
  • Security should be ensured.
  • There should be the prohibition of encroachment of the square strictly.
  • Publicizing the site so, that the number of tourist increases rapidly.

                                   Finally, I would like to give gratitude to my subject teacher & school administration who have given me this golden opportunity to explore my theoretical knowledge into practical field.

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