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17 Rules to be the Best Teacher

17 Rules to be the Best Teacher.

There are different professions followed by different people in our communities. Teaching is another profession followed by intellectual and degree holder people. Teachers are respectful person in our society. Civilization of a country and people depend on how teachers are mobilized and respected. Teachers work hard to provide quality education and produce skilled human resources according to the need and demand of a country.

A country has generally two types of teachers i.e. public (government) and private teachers. Teachers working in different community (public) based schools are selected and graded by the government and appointed with fixed salary. Salary is paid from national treasure collected from general people as a tax. But private teachers are appoint by private boarding school. The get salary from school only.

Either you are working as a private teacher or government teacher, it is your responsibility to provide quality education. While providing education you need be one of the best teacher for the school as well as to the students. So the rules to be the best teacher are discussed here. These best 17 rules are presented and discussed as follow:

  • Being Punctual

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The first rule to be followed by the teacher is to maintain punctuality. Only punctual teacher can do his/her duties regularly. Principal or coordinator always wants you to see at school on time. Students also like the teacher comes at school regularly at right time. So to be the best teacher try to be punctual person.

  • Respecting Nature

School is the place where different students from different backgrounds come to get education. There may be rich or poor, black or white, extra ordinary or common, boys or girls, and other so many social stratification and so on. But they all are your children/students. So you need to respect them equally and help the equally to rich their destination by creating healthy and peace environment at school. This respecting nature helps you to be respected teacher too.

  • Polite Behavior

Teachers are educated people of our society and nation. They are in the process of forming capable and skilled human resource as required by the nation. So while behaving to the students and other staffs you must be polite and behave in a civilized ways. Never be anger, hide your anger and go on smiling always. Be ready to help all the students as well as school administration if you are required at any time.

Some students may not be able to play with other students or ready to help others in their needs. But as a good teacher you need to be cooperative and help all talent as well as weak students to do better. Sue polite language and be ready to help to solve difficult questions which they face while learning.

  • Clear and Loud Tune

In a class generally there can be 30-50 students in each class. Sometimes more than that also. At this situation while speaking you must have clear and loud tune of speaking ability. You must be fluent speaker on the subject matter which can easily attract students` attention towards study. So that students may not engage to personal talk out of subject matter. Which finally control students` attention too.

  • Best Teachers Helping Equally to Both Boys and Girls .

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As a best teacher all boys and girls are equal and need to help them equally. Boys and girls also want their teacher to help in their needs. Some boys may be talent and girls too or may not. But teachers need to provide equal time and care to both of them to solve the problem. So best teacher do not discriminate boys or girls rather behave equally and help equally all the time at his/her class. So try to help both of them equally.

  • Fulfilling Duties Honestly

As a teacher you have so many duties along with taking classes at different classes. You need to check copies of homework, taking weekly and unit test, checking copy in time, helping weak students, checking neatness and cleanliness, helping other teacher and supporting school administration by obeying the decision made and passed from. Those teachers who do these duties honestly will have more chance to be the best teacher.

  • Depth Knowledge

Students believe that my teacher knows all the things and whatever he/she gives will be the correct form them. So as you are the teacher of any subject, you need to study depth and make clear to the students too. Without having depth knowledge of your subject you can`t solve the problems and students do not believe you and your teaching style.  So always you need to study, do research on your subject and maintain up to date of all the things.

  • Making Students Clear about the Subject Matter with Examples

Only providing the things given in the books may not be good always or you can`t make clear all the time. So it is far better to provide contextual and relevant examples related to the subject matter. This method will highly support students to be clear. You teachers need to provide only necessary examples to make clear about the subject matter. Finally you are liked by the students and can be their best teacher.

  • Checking Copy Regularly and Suggesting Learners

After the completion of certain lesson, students must do all the activities given in the exercises. So teachers need to check all the questions` answer written by the students before you start new lesson. While checking if you found something wrong of any students call him or her and provide constructive feedback. Remember do not point out mistakes of an individual in a group. It is better to write on their own copy where you find mistake.

  • Motivating Students to do Better

As you are the class and subject teacher, it is your responsibility to motivate students to do better. For this you can give successful tips used by successful people of your society or nation. You can give gifts too on their success because this actually motivates other students too to do better in the future.

  • Indicating Mistake rather than Punishment

If you found some students doing mistake never give physical or mental punishment rather give some ideas to be followed not to commit mistake time and again. So it`s better to indicate mistake or telling them about the areas of their mistake. If you take it positively then they try their best to improve. Finally you can be role model of those students.

  • Involving Students in Creative Activities.

You need to encourage students to be more creative for this you can give different topics to each individual students to do something better. Without supporting student to do something creative art and work, students may be lazy and learn nothing. So as far as possible provide new areas of learning and doing some creative work.

  • Dividing Class into Several Groups to conduct Activities

Students are to be divided and given different works to do in a collaborating of each and other. If we involve students in this way they learn in a group by sharing their knowledge and so on. It helps mutual learning environment.

  • Studying the Psychology of the Students

You need to know students` psychology and act accordingly. If you are capable enough to know student`s psychology then it supports for better learning achievement. Students will also be happy on the one hand side and start to study hard and achieve success easily.

  • Giving more care to the Weak Students

In the classroom there can be talent as well as weak students. Talent students can easily do all the activities once you give instructions but weak students need more support and care. So as a best teacher you must have that capacity to care more to the weak students and maintaining balance between all the students at a same time.

  • Playing the Role of Friend rather than being Boss

It is far better to play the role as a best friend to know the problems of the students and encourage students to do better career cahnge. If you try to be as like friends they feel easy and get started in learning without any fear but if you try to be as like boss and create fear among the students all the students especially weak students learn nothing and be fail too. So to encourage to do better play the role as a best friend.


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