10 Best Ways of Taking Online Classes

10 Best Ways of Taking Online Classes

World is going on suffering from COVID-19. In this drastic situation students are not able to go to their schools and take regular classes. Teachers are also not able to go to school to take regular classes. So final alternative ways is to take online classes.

What is Online Classes?

Online class means a class taken by teacher through the use of internet, where students join with their teacher in a designed ways in an already fixed time. Teacher and students may use either cell phone or laptop connected with internet. Students and teacher involve in the discussion about the subject matter. Both students and teacher can stay at their home and take classes. So it is one of the easiest and cheapest means of teaching and learning.

Why Should We Take Online Classes?

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When students and teachers are not able to go school for their regular classes, there is a need of involving in an online classes. It helps both teacher and students to complete their course in time on the one hand side on the other hand side they can get chance of learning from their own home. It is more need and theme based learning. Learning becomes interesting because learners have more freedom in the learning. Learners learn by doing themselves. Learners become autonomous and try their own effort of learning. If we don`t take classes regularly then students may become lazy and may involve in the bad habit. So, to make students` active and ideal person we must take online classes.

Different types of methods can be implemented for online classes according to the availability of resources. Some places are provided with all most all the facilities and some other places lack these facilities. So these following ways may be the guideline for teachers who are going to take regular classes. These all best ways are listed and discussed as below:

Internet is connected on the devices and then only discussion takes between teachers and students. While taking classes there should not be disturb or disconnected of the network because attention of students may breakdown. Techers also may not provide all the necessary information to the students. So to have a good communication and discussion between students and teacher there must be the availability of high speed internet system or management.

Online Classes

  • Management of Cell Phone or Laptop

Teacher and students can be connected through cell phone of laptop face to face with the support of internet. Laptop and cell phone help teacher and students to prepare document to be discussed or answer the questions given by the teacher. These devices are equally important to keep safe and record all the important document for later use. So to have we need cell phone or laptop along with high speed network.

  • Preparation of ID for Particular Class

Teacher and students can use Facebook Messenger, google talk, zoom AP or other web sites for direct connection. So, teacher must create account and provide ID to all the students earlier, so that students can have a high chance to join in the online classes.

  • Circulating Informing to the Students

Teacher or school administration must provide necessary information about class’s time, subject, and teacher and so on to all the student early in the time. It is very important to connect all the students on the online classes.

  • Preparing Subject in a Power Point

Teacher must prepare all the things in a power point or in a word and present to the students through screen share. While preparing about certain subject matter teacher should prepare in points so that discussion will be fruitful and learning achievement will be successful. This documents can also be provide to the students those who do not have text book.

  • Clarifying Each Topics in an Easy Way

Teacher has to make students clear about each topic of a lesson. Let students to present their ideas also to make class interesting. Teacher can use different examples related to the topic so the students can understand easily and fast too.

  • Observing Students Activities

Sometimes students may involve discussion with their friends without paying attention to the teacher. They may start personal chat and so on, so teacher must check their activities and attention regularly. Ask question if you have doubt over these students and keep them engaging on the discussion. Which finally support for better outcome.

  • Providing Opportunities to the Students to Present their Views

If teacher only goes on providing lecture all the time student may feel bore and may leave the online classes. It is far better to provide time in each five minutes to the different students to make learning better. Teacher can tell joke to make learning interesting. When students get chance to present their views to other students they feel proud and happy, finally the may be motivated to do better. Actually learning becomes interesting and long lasting when students are ready to do and learn by themselves. So teacher must provide chance to present their views but teacher should correct them if there is something wrong.

  • Evaluating Students Regularly

    Online Classes

Teaching and learning are the core activities of online classes. So teacher should must check students whether students have learnt or not the subject they have already discussed. So only one way of judging the learning achievement is to evaluate students regularly. Teacher can take oral test or written test by fixing time table. To ask written answer teacher must observe their movement to prevent cheating.

  • Providing Home Works and Checking Answer Regularly

After the completion of discussion over certain lessons teacher must provide creative activities as a home work along with the exercise of their text book. Teacher must make clear about some difficult question`s answer before they are asked to do. Teacher can help more to the weak students individually too. Teacher must check the answer of those question which were give after discussion of previous topic. After the completion of checking copies and answer then only teacher can start another new lesson.

Apart from these activities teacher can use some ideas too to make learning interesting  Professional Business Plans Strategies and active. Hope these ideas may add some bricks to make your teaching methods fruitful and better. For more information you may visit our site and ask for more support. If you have some problems we may help to solve with constructive formulas.

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