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11 Best Skills of Marketing Job

11 Best Ways/Skills of Marketing Job

What is marketing Job?

Marketing job is a profession of introducing manufactured goods to the consumers. Factories and industries produce varieties of goods according to the need and demand of the general people of the globe. After producing these goods and services there is a need of introducing about these goods to the consumers. To make known about these goods company appoints some people as a marketing officers. These all officers visit different places and introduce about the goods. So these marketing officers must be able for briefing about the product and make ready to buy and use all these produced goods.

How much salary is paid for marketing job?

Generally, a marketer earns around 50000-150000 per month including incentives and commission of total sell. There is high chance of earning more amount of money if marketer works honestly and for a longer time. But if marketer does not works honestly and for a longer time there is high chance of earning less than 25000 thousand in a month. So how much effort you are able to give that much money you will be earning.

The marketer should be very serious about the job and put very close relation to all the people of all the areas. So that he/she will be liked by all the concerned people. That is why there are various ways of making people convinced to get used produced goods. Possible 11 best ways of marketing job are listed and discussed in the following:

  • Rapport Building

    Marketing jobs

At first you have to visit different places of your marketing related areas and establishing rapport between you and target person. It is better to exchange phone number as well. It is very difficult to meet these people because they may remain busy and busy. So, it is better to take information about their leisure time and meeting to them. It helps to meet more people with in a day.

  • Frequent visit

If we visit rarely then they may forget us and they may not give time to you to talk also. You again should introduce him or her also. This is very much bad for you as your destination of being good marketing officer. So you have to prepare routine to visit different places within short gap of previous visit. If you take your job as a profession then you must visit these all concerned people frequently. If you visit same person frequently then there is high chance of having high business too.

  • Offering Sample Goods

Every company has trend of supplying sample goods in the market too. So, if you want to make your profession better than other, you should provide your produced sample goods earlier to the concerned people than other. So, there is a high chance of referring your product to implement. This is what our final goal is.

  • Conforming about Commission/Discount

Modern business is based on commission or discount too. So you have to make clear about commission that your company has managed for target people. If you make clear about the commission it will be easy to pay later on the basis of sell. It is better to provide certain percentage of total sell. Remember you have to provide commission in time that makes very good relation or long lasting relation between target people. Finally you have more chance to selling of the product. It helps for more incentives from the company to your account too.

  • Circulating information of demand to the company

There must be balance between supply and product. If there is high product but low demand in the market then company should bear loss and finally company may collapse also. So it is your duties to inform about the demand of particular product and quantity also.

  • Focusing about the best supply

Supply is also very important to upgrade the business. If you did well marketing in time and finally high demand then you have to manage and supply in time, so that your business can grow easily.

  • Keeping record of name and phone number of each clients

When you visit in a daily routine basis, it is very important to keep record of all the people you met along with their phone number. It is very best to keep record in an alphabetical order or areas wise. But if you want to keep record in your android mobile or in tab it better to use you g-mail id and save name of the person along with his photo and institution`s name. This idea will support to find a person immediately if required.

  • Regular calling to exchange information

If possible call him or her daily finding out their leisure period or free time. It is wise to call them before you go to sleep. Remember if you have large area of marketing then you have to call those people whom you have not met for more days because those whom you have met recently may not forget you and your support too.

  • Regularly wishing birthday of the clients or people

Social media plays vital role to connect people of diverse place. So its wise to wish those people`s birthday or their promotion in Facebook Wall, Instagram, Twitter or other medias. This helps to keep very close relation. Finally it helps to promote your business.

People use rude language if they get angry or became failure. This is one of the bad habit of unsuccessful people. So always you need to think about your future goal and decide what to say to what people. If you became polite and use polite language this finally support for better future. Those who uses rude words or vulgar words may get terminated from the company often.

  • Managing Tea Talk to the important personalities

In the morning time or evening time call to those people whom you want to keep good relation alive and long lasting at tea station and take tea together. This is actually very good time to talk about personal matter and getting help from the person you want.

Hope you will perform your duties honestly and never cheat company who has provided job and support to have better life. It is your duties to make satisfied to the company by increasing business volume. So that, your marketing job will be stronger than other competitors.

Wish you all the best for you successful marketing job.


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