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How to Best way of celebrating Teej 2020?

What is the best way of celebrating Teej 2020/2078? How can we make Teej 2020/2078 unforgettable forever and ever?

Celebration means taking part in a particular occasion to enjoy and get entertainment. There are various ways to take part to celebrate any festivals. Here we are going to discuss the common ways to adopt to celebrate Teej festival. All the women of the world who have the depth belief in Hinduism are ready to take part in Teej festival.  Let us discuss the common ways of celebrating Teej festival in an unforgettable way.

This is the worst year for all the people of the world because of the effect of Corona Virus Covid-19. There is lock down and strict security system from the government side. Though there is difficult it is the greatest festival of Hindu women of the world. So it is better to manage safety measures, social distance and wearing mask and using hand sanitizer or washing our hands with soaps time and again to make our Teej unforgettable in this Corona Pandemic.

9 Best Ways of Celebrating Teej Fesytival

  • Planning about the Teej

At first you must know about the Teej festival when does it fall. If you know when it falls then only you have a time to prepare about the necessary things and items required to celebrate. You need to plan about its expenditure and source of manage.  Pal about the number of people take part to celebrate at your home or community. According to number of people manage all the management.

  • Buying Necessary Food Items

You know that you have to take heavy food as a Dar to make you fasting stronger and better. So you have to manage that food item you like the most and your relatives like to eat at your home. While buying food items you need to buy these items which were not eaten recently by your neighborhood. If you manage those food items then you get praise and respect from your relatives.

  • Buying the Attractive Sari and Pote

Red saari and pote with chhadke tilahari are the main attraction of of women in the Teej. So buy and keep it safely at your home so that your soul will be happy and get eagerness to celebrate Teej. All of your friends and neighbors will wear new sari and pote so it is better to support them to get treated equally.

  • Inviting Daughters/Sisters and relative

    Best way of celebrating Teej 2020

It is the festival of gathering, eating, singing and dancing. So all the married daughters are eager to get back to their Mait (mother`s/ brother`s house) to have Dar and exchange happiness with each and others. On the other hand your neighbors and friend also may want to participate with you to celebrate Teej. Your relatives and neighbors also may invite you to take part in celebration of Teej Dar with them too. When you call and celebrate Teej Dar with relatives, friends and neighbors you can maintain closer and very bond relation with them. Finally they will be ready to help you in the need and difficult.

  • Offering Gifts

When daughters (cheli) come to your house to celebrate Teej festival, they have inner desire to get some items (for example, new sari, cholo, phariya, kurthasuruwal, little money etc.). So, it is better to provide them according to their wish if yu know already. It is far better to take them in the market the letting them to choose. If we do so they become happier than ever. In this way you can provide gifts.

  • Sending Brother to take Sister

Married women want to get back to their birth home. Without invitation they never come. So if you want to see smile on the face of your sister and daughter send her brother earlier to celebration of Teej to take married sister from her house. So you can make Teej unforgettable in this way.

  • Visiting Shiva Temple

    Best way of celebrating Teej 2020

On the very day of Teej when you take fast, get up early in the morning and take bath. After bathe prepare all the items required to worship lord Shiva (Shive Linga) and it is better to work together with family members. After preparing plan to visit Lord Shiva Temple early in the morning because there may be the people of different place to worship. If there is a crowded it takes time to worship so you may feel unhappy to stay in a que for a long time.

  • Taking Part in Celebration

On the very day of Teej, there are group of people gather together to sing and dance. You also can join with them to sing and dance. When we directly take part to sing and dance we can pass day easily without feeling hungry and tired than staying at home alone or watching TV.

  • Watching House Carefully

While celebrating Teej we love to live our house and take part in singing and dancing at public place and park. To take part in Teej celebration we need to live our house. All the people may not be good always. Some one of you community or from other community may be watching the right time to stealing your properties. So encourage your elderly people and young brothers to stay at home and take care of the whole house.

Talk to your friend and take part to sing and dance with them but be care to maintain social distance because this is the year we are suffering from Covid-19 corona virus. Stay at home stay safe.

Who celebrate Teej Festival? And why do they celebrate 2020


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