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How Can We be the Best Mother?

How Can We be the 1 Best Mother?

Mother is the real god each and every house. The word mother and mother land are above than heaven. There is a saying that “If a mother is educated whole house and society will be educated”. It means educated women are always worried about the civilization and betterment of the family and society. They go on teaching good behaviors to their children and other people of the same society. When there is a mother at home, all children become happy and healthy because mother always thinks and does work for the happiness of her children.

Best Mother

A child also feels happy and freedom when he or she is living with their mother. Children copy all the habits and behaviours from mother first and then only from friends. We can see children neat and clean when they are with their mother but those children whose mothers are unknown seems dirty and unhuman type. So to change a biological person into a social being if there is anyone she is mother. The roles which are to be followed by a woman are uncountable. It means she has many more roles to be fulfilled towards their children Making Festivals Unforgettable.

Who is a mother?

Mother is a woman who gives a birth to a child. There is a trend to keep another person as mother of a child but actually she has not given birth to that child. She is the woman especially employed to breast-feed a baby who is not her own child. It means if you give birth to a child and feed your breast and be worried about that child and helps to grown up fully with fulfilling all their basic needs and rights too, you are real mother. Mother is one she does not eat food until her baby takes food and she does not sleep until her baby sleeps in a full sleepy mood.

12 Rules to be followed by a Woman to be the Best Mother

Certain behaviours and habit as well as sacrifices make a woman as a one of the best mother of the world. Rules may not be applicable to all the circumstances because of the different political system of the different country. But for all the women living and exercising their best basic needs and right in a democratic country then these rules can be the milestone to be the best woman. These all rules are discussed here.

  • Willingness to Get Marriage at Appropriate Age.

A girl loves to spend a lot of time with their parents but the love she gets from her parents is different from the love she gets from the one who is special for her i.e. boy-friend (husband). So all the girls of the world are in search of a good and loving husband. Actually girl`s life starts when she gets marriage. So to be a mother she needs to get marriage. That is why she should get marriage at right time to continue her future goals of being one of the best mother.

  • Following Good Habits During Pregnant

It is said that what she things, looks, dreams and believes during pregnant time same like child she will give as birth. It is also said according to Hinduism that what does mother do, reads and experiences during pregnant that will be one of the base of  the future and fate of a newly born baby. So it is better to follow good habits, visit legendry, reading about famous people of the world, sticking beautiful pictures of the children on your bed room, watching beautiful movies having heroic deed, reading books which are interesting and so on.

  • Ability of breast-feeding

                                               Best Mother

In this 21st century, some educated women themselves are not ready to give girth, or don`t want to be pregnant. They are worried about their beauty. Some other women give girth but don`t be ready for breast-feeding because they don’t like to make their breast loose, they want to keep their breast tight. And finally very few women only are fond of breast feeding to their children because they want to make that type of relation where one becomes ready to die for another by increasing love, care and respect between mother and children. So another best rule to be the best mother is to be ready to breast feeding.

  • Worried about the Health of a Child

Generally, the responsibility of taking care to grown up mother is responsible because father must go out for earning, feeding family and better family life guaranteeing full security. Mother spends a lot time with a child and learns all must all the behaviours from mothers. So mother must be careful about the health condition, weights according ages and physical wellbeing.

  • Ability to understand child psychology

Children my take 3-4 years for well communication with the use of language. Before the time where a child can`t express his/her needs and wants, mother must know about their wants and needs psychologically so that child will be happy and can be impressed with mother. So best mother must know the psychology of the child and act accordingly.

  • Using polite language

Children learn all most all forms of language from mother through their mother tongue. So mother must talk with all the relatives with polite language so that child also copies all your language and late uses with other. That is why mother language is the base language for all must all children.

  • Teaching mother tongue for communication

Mother is responsible to teach her language to a child as mother tongue. Whatever she speaks or use as a means of communication, child also starts using same language to express his/her needs, happiness and sorrow with mother and other people. But they may learn another language from peer group and school for better communication and education/

  • Supporting Child to form good habits

As I have already indicate that child learns each and everything from mother, child forms same habits as their mother has. So mother must be educated and kind person with positive thinking, having positive behaviours towards other people of the society too.

  • Creating opportunity of socialization

Socialization is the process of helping a child to learn all the norms, values, rules, regulation, rights and rituals of the society to adjust in the same society. So mother should let her child to take part in different social activities and play with other children of the society. So that child can be fully socialized and can adjust in all must all types of situation.

  • Loving and caring nature

Mother should not be angry and arrogant. She should be loving and caring of her child. She should love from inner heart and take about the neat and cleanliness habit. She should love other creatures too so that child also can respect and cares other creatures of the environment. Mother should help poor and needy people so that children also starts loving, helping other poor and needy people of the society. Which finally helps to create peaceful society.

  • Providing all the basic needs and rights

Parents are responsible to provide all the basic needs and rights to their children. When we are able to provide all the basic needs and rights then only we can see the progress of our child. Finally they do something better form the society as well as for the country and take name of their mother or parents and give thanks for their support and feel proud to be daughters and sons.

  • Supporting for Positive Thinking and Discouraging for Negative Thoughts

Only positive thinking makes a person successful because negative thinking makes a person selfish and rude. Positive thinking encourage to create healthy and peaceful society but negative thought destroys peaceful environment and creates so many hurdles in the society. So mother must encourage and support only for positive thinking and positive behaviours.

So if you want to see your children reach in the destination of success and feel proud of being your child, these rules must be followed. If you want love and care from your children when you will be old and unable to do anything, now itself, try to Best Mothers Quotes be the most beautiful mother and lovely mother of your children.


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