How to Earn Much Money from New Established Business?

New Established Business

All businesses are established to earn much more profits from little or much investments. However, all businessmen do not earn much money from their business. But some business persons earn much profit within a few periods of time. Some business persons are ready to expand their business and some others …

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31 Online Businesses from Home Investment during Corona Pandemic 2020.

Online Businesses from Home Investment

31 Online Businesses from Home Investment during Corona Pandemic 2020. Counties are under lock down due the corona pandemic. Almost all enterprises are either closed or unable to run properly. People are under their roofs of the house thinking about the processes of surviving. Those people who used to work …

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Maghi Puja or Festival 2020/2077

Maghi Puja

Maghi Puja or Festival 2020/2077 Maghi puja is a religious and cultural festival being celebrated as a new year by Tharu community and Sikh people every year. On this puja devotees worship to the Sun God as a symbol of energy, power, divinity, wisdom and prosperity of the people. This …

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16 Best ways of Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

As we know that this year is the worst year for all the people of the world due to Corona Virus, COVID 19. Generally almost all countries have declared lock down. Till today there is no any authorized medicine or vaccine for the treatment of corona patients. Intellectual and doctors …

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1 Festival of Lite Tihar/Dipawali Festival


Tihar or Dipawali is another biggest festival celebrated by Hindu People. Especially Nepalese people have grate rejoice on this occasion. As we know already that Dashain festival if the greatest festival celebrated by the Hindu people more than that Nepalese people have great religious significance of Dashain as weel as …

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11 Rules to Make Our Better Life.

There are various rules to be followed to make our life better. Before discussing about its rules, it’s better to know about what is life. So let’s learn first about life. What is a Life? Life is a gift, gifted by our parents with the grace of Gods and Goddesses. …

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How Can We be the Best Mother?

Best Mother

How Can We be the 1 Best Mother? Mother is the real goddess of each and every house. The word mother and mother land are above than heaven. There is a saying that “If a mother is educated whole society will be educated”. It means educated women are always worried …

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