Write a story of a person in foreign employment .Mention good and bad aspects of foreign employment in that story.

  Amar chhertri who lives at lamahi in Dang district of Mid-western development Region of Nepal .He belongs to the middle class family .He passed  his intermediate examination some years ago .After the completion of his intermediate examination ,he tried for a job ,with the help of manpower company through a broker he went to Kuwait . A broker including Manpower Company explained him some beautiful dreams about foreign employment in Kuwait .Therefore, he trusted them and rushed to Kuwait by paying lots of money than that was required.

First he was offered as a marketing supervisor in a departmental store .But after reaching there he was he is facing a very great problem that either to return to his own country or he continue that job although he is very keen to return to his motherland .But he has not repay to the bank from where he had taken loan to go to foreign country .On the other hand in Kuwait the company where he works, is refusing to give the value or dignity of labor.

In this way, not only Amar Chheri but also other people have same type of problems. This is because of our country that has to depend on developed counties for economic support till now and our completely dependent economic condition.

The foreign employment has both negative and positive aspects through this sector, on one hand, we can earn foreign currency to depend our country and on the other hand, our active manpower or capable human resource is pouring their sweat in foreign land.

In this manner we are unable to develop our country .The prestige of our country is also deteriorating day to day years by years .In this age of globalization although we can learn and follow good habits, culture, etc .from all over the world .It is also danger   to enter into bed culture, system because different diseases will enter in our country .Due to foreign employment, nowadays not many people are Interest to do something with in the country .All the Nepalese youths are feeling minor themselves to work with in the country .This is major problem of our country .

Hence in conclusion, we say that foreign employment has more demerits than merits. Therefore ,we the people and government must create such an environment so ,that we ,Nepalese can donate the blood and  sweat for their own motherland .

  1. Difference between globalization and localization in points.
Globalization Localization
i. Globalization helps to improve relation with the world to reduce poverty and trade imbalance. i. Localization gives priority to develop the backward class.
ii. Globalization is the process of designing and developing the function in multiple cultures. ii. It is the process of adopting a globalized application to a particular culture.
iii. It helps to improve the lifestyle of developing countries due to the availability of goods and services produced in the developed countries. iii. It gives priority in the production and consumption of native production.
iv. Helps to internationalize the goods and laborers. iv. Discourages internationalization of the goods and laborers.
v. Helps to create the environment to consume quality goods at low price due to international competition. v. Helps to promote nationalism against foreign interference in native economy.
vi. Helps to increase foreign assistance to the poor countries. vi. Creates self-sustained economy and standard of living.


  1. Difference between Criminal and Civil Case.
Criminal Case Civil Case
i. It is related to one’s prestige, crime, violence and social and moral norms and values. i. It is related to the disputes between or among people for or against property, borrowing, division of land or property, etc.
ii. for example rape, murder, drug, trafficking, etc. ii. for example divorce, land encroachment etc.
iii. The writ in this case is registered by the government lawyer. iii. An individual can registered the writ hiring advocate, against the person.
iv. The person who has been declared to be culprit in the case is sent to jail. iv. There is no any provision of imprisonment but the victim will get justice by regaining the encroached violated rights.
v. There is no provision of withdrawal of such case. v. There is provision of withdrawal if both the opposition parties agree.

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