Maghi Puja or Festival 2020/2077

Maghi Puja

Maghi Puja or Festival 2020/2077 Maghi puja is a religious and cultural festival being celebrated as a new year by Tharu community and Sikh people every year. On this puja devotees worship to the Sun God as a symbol of energy, power, divinity, wisdom and prosperity of the people. This …

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16 Best ways of Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

As we know that this year is the worst year for all the people of the world due to Corona Virus, COVID 19. Generally almost all countries have declared lock down. Till today there is no any authorized medicine or vaccine for the treatment of corona patients. Intellectual and doctors …

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1 Festival of Lite Tihar/Dipawali Festival


Tihar or Dipawali is another biggest festival celebrated by Hindu People. Especially Nepalese people have grate rejoice on this occasion. As we know already that Dashain festival if the greatest festival celebrated by the Hindu people more than that Nepalese people have great religious significance of Dashain as weel as …

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10 Best ways to Celebrated DASHAIN

Celebrated DASHAIN

10 Best ways to Celebrated DASHAIN Festival in Corona Pandemic. As we have discussed about the festivals, they are the source of happiness and Joy. We all love to engage and celebrate our own festivals either cultural/social or religious festivals. There are different types of festival being celebrated by the …

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When does Dashain Festival in 2020/2077?

Dashain Fall in 2020

¬†Dashain Festival in 2020/2077? Dashain Festival is one of the great festival of the Hindu people living in the different parts of the whole world. Especially Nepalese people take part to celebration of this festival. During Dashain Festival Goddess Durga is worshipped throughout the world by Hindu people as a …

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How to Best way of celebrating Teej 2020?

Best way of celebrating Teej 2020

What is the best way of celebrating Teej 2020/2078? How can we make Teej 2020/2078 unforgettable forever and ever? Celebration means taking part in a particular occasion to enjoy and get entertainment. There are various ways to take part to celebrate any festivals. Here we are going to discuss the …

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How to Plan Best Ways of Making Festivals Unforgettable

Best Ways of Making Festivals Unforgettable

Bhisma Dhamala Murali Best Ways of Making Festivals WHAT IS FESTIVAL? Festival is an occasion where people participate to exchange their happiness, sorrow, beliefs and thoughts. Different communities have developed their own festivals according to their norms, values, traditions and customs. For example Nepal is a small country in the …

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