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When does Dashain Festival in 2020/2077?

Dashain Festival in 2020/2077?

Dashain Festival is one of the great festival of the Hindu people living in the different parts of the whole world. Especially Nepalese people take part to celebration of this festival. During Dashain Festival Goddess Durga is worshipped throughout the world by Hindu people as a divine mother goddess. During Dashain people return back to their home from their work who have gone out of their home to another city either to work and study and join with their family members. They clean their house, use color and decorated beautifully. There is a trend of buying new dress to their children to make them pappy. So this festival is also known as the festivals of Happiness and joy.

Generally Dashain festival is celebrated total 15 days. These all days have their own specialties. Especially hundreds of thousands animal sacrifices for the ritual holy bathing of goddess Duraga, along with the worshiping through abundant offirings and pujas.

When does Dashain Festival in 2020/2077?

Generally Dashain Festival in Ashoj Moth (September or October) every year, but this year we are going to celebrate Dashain One month later in Kartik because of Malabash. Dashain of 2077 stats from Kartik – 7 Friday (fhupati) and Dashami falls on Monday -10 Kartik.

Dashain Fall in 2020/2077

History of Dashain

In the truth age gods and demon started to fight each other. Demon started doing unacceptable activities especially by Mahisashur Demon thourgh guise of water Buffalo. All gods took part to fight with Demon but they could not destroy these Demon easily. So these gods requested to Goddess Durga to help them to fight with these Demon along with the head of Demon Mahisasur. Goddess Durga started to fight with these Demon. It took 10 days to kill these all Demon to get rid of all gods. For this Goddess Durga Shallowed the whole blood of these Demon not lating to drop single drop on the earth because how many drops dropped on the earth that many demons used to get birth.  After the death of Demons by Goddess Durga, Gods started to celebrated more five days being happy on the victory over Demon in the war. After that Dashain festival is being celebrated worshiping Goddess Durga to respect her mercy over Man kind or gods every year. So there is a trend of sacrifice of hundreds of thousands animals to provide blood to take bath to Goddess Durga.

What do people do During Dashain Festival?

In preparation of Dashain each and every house is cleaned and decorated beautifully to invite goddess Durga, so that she may visit to their house and bless all the people for their bright secure future. People reunion of distance and relatives to celebrate together. People visit bazar or shopping centers to buy new cloths, materials of puja, food stuffs and other necessaries items to perform puja.

Youths make swing made up of bamboos and rope at different places. They also make Rotate (huge moveable swing) by the huge wood where so many people can swing easily at a same time. Some people start playing different games at their neighborhood. They eat bitten rice and meat (masuchura) as a special food item.

Thousands of all animals like a sheep, goats, ducks, chicken and water buffalo are prepared for the great slaughter. These all animals are slaughter or sacrifice on 8th day which is called Maha Athami when Durga swallowed blood of Demons on the battle to get victory one after another.

Finally, there is trend to take Tika and Jamara from the elder people as a blessing. To take bless people visit to their relatives more five days along with the Dasami (Tenth day onwards).


First nine days of Dashain are called Navaratri where people worship goddess Durga with great deviation. To represent Durga we people have given goddesses (devis) form to all goddess. According to Hindu religion women are taken as goddesses and it is believed that women can take the incarnation of Kali or Nava Durga and destroys all the evils on the earth. It means Nepalese culture has given highest respect to all women.

To represent Durga, Durga temples are constructed and statues of Durga is put over these temples. People visit and worship these all temples during Navaratri.

People worship all the murderous weapons along with the statue of Goddess Durga to make her please. It is believed that if durga is pleased she gives blessing and all the activities will be successful but if she got angry there occurs destruction and loss of property and so on.


Usually this day invites Dashain and goddess durga. So first day of Dashain is called Ghatasthapana which is literally called pot (holy water vessel) establishing. People put this pot containing water along with the image of goddess Durga to their worshipping room. The kalash is covered with cow dung on to which seeds are sown.  They keep all the cutting weapons together and different flowers and fruits to make Durga please. Especially, head of the family (father) will perform puja each day morning and evening time.

Dashain Ghar “Jamara House”

Dashain Fall in 2020/2077 dashin-jamara house

The special room where kalash is established generally, called Dashain Ghar. Culturally women are not allowed to enter in the room which is prepared as a Dashain Ghar. Generally priest or head of the family male person worships every day in the morning and evening with great devotion.  Every day holy water is put on the areas where the seeds are sowed (Jamara). Usually these seeds are kept in the corner where sunlight does not reach. By the 10th day seeds will have grown to five or six inches long yellow grass, which we called Jamara. After putting tika by the elder people, there is a trend of giving Jamara as a token of Goddess Durga as well as the elder blessing too.


Regularly rituals go on passing after the Ghatasthapana till the 7th days. Collection of flowers at 7th day is called Fulpati.

Maha Asthami

8th day of Dashain is called mahaasthami. This is the day where usually all the household becomes ready to slaughter animals in the name of Goddess Duraga to make her please. Some people take fasting also on this day. But maximum of the people start to cook sacrifice animals and starts eating and celebrating. If they do not have kept animals to sacrifice to Goddess Durga, they take part to their relatives or neighbors to sacrifice animals and eating meat and bitten rice too.


On this day all the mother goddess`s temples are filled with devotees. Many orthodox Hindu people keep fasting. Especially all the mother goddess`s temple got slaughter many black buffalos to honor goddess Durga and Kali of victory and might an to seek her blessing. Military bands play war tunes, gun booms, and offers beautifully decorated medals in full uniform stand there.

On this day god Biswakarma, the god of creativity is worshipped. All factories, vehicles, machinery instruments and anything which from we make our living are worshiped. We  give sacrifices to all machinery like cars, aeroplanes, trucks, etc. to get blessing from goddesses Durga for the safety and protection of us against accidents whenever we go out using them.


10th day of Dashian is known as Dashami, the day we take tika and jamara along with blessing from our elders and give tika and jamara to the younger one who come to us. All the family members sit together to take and give blessing from one another. They visit their relatives to take blessing for more four days. The last day is 15th day which day generally all the people take rest and exchange love and affection. Final day is also known as “kojagarta day” (who is awake). On this day goddess Laxmi is given invitation to visit each and every houses.

dashain fastival in 2077 inamge source link

After the completion of Dashain normal condition comes for one month. They return back to their own work. Usually, after one month they again take part to celebrate festival of light Tihar.Before one month  celebrate tej festival in this link


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