Accountant job earns 150000 per month

Accuountant job

Accountant job earns 150000 per month Who is an accountant? Accountant is a person who keeps up to date of all the financial activities of the organization where he or she employed. An account is appointed by the organization for easiest services to the customers on the one hand side …

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Professor Job earns more than $500,000 per month

Professor job

Who is a Professor? Professor is a person who teaches to the university levels` students. Professor job is an intellectual person with higher qualification and experience. Different faculties are there in the education system. Government has given affiliation to the different university to run in different parts of the country. …

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11 Best Skills of Marketing Job

Marketing jobs

11 Best Ways/Skills of Marketing Job What is marketing Job? Marketing job is a profession of introducing manufactured goods to the consumers. Factories and industries produce varieties of goods according to the need and demand of the general people of the globe. After producing these goods and services there is …

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Teacher job earn money 100000 thousands in month

teachers job

What is teacher job? Job refers to the work which is done at different fields for the livelihood of a person. Teacher`s job here refers to the job of a person who teaches children at school. Teacher`s job is highly respected job for the whole world. Only highly educated and …

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School Principal Jobs earn Rs1,50,000

Principal Jobs

Principal`s job is one of the most respected job in the society and in the world. School is one which is guided by a principal  jobs. Without a principal school remains incomplete because he is the head of a school. So principal`s job is liked by different intellectual people of …

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17 Rules to be the Best Teacher

best teachers

17 Rules to be the Best Teacher. There are different professions followed by different people in our communities. Teaching is another profession followed by intellectual and degree holder people. Teachers are respectful person in our society. Civilization of a country and people depend on how teachers are mobilized and respected. …

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