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10 Best ways to Celebrated DASHAIN

10 Best ways to Celebrated DASHAIN Festival in Corona Pandemic.

As we have discussed about the festivals, they are the source of happiness and Joy. We all love to engage and celebrate our own festivals either cultural/social or religious festivals. There are different types of festival being celebrated by the people of the world.

We are being affected by one of the pandemic i.e. Corona Pandemic, COVID-19. It was first identified in the China in late 2019. Gradually it has been travelling in the whole world and touched all the knock and coroner of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their life one after another from all most all the country of the world. Countries have announced lock down and curfew too. Though people are not obeying decision of the government and moving here and there without maintaining safety measure. So it is very harmful to move here and there in the name of celebration of festivals.

At first we must learn to live. If we have life than only can enjoy the life. I have discovered some best ways to celebrate our great festival DASHAIN in this corona Pandemic.

  • Limiting our Visit Celebrated DASHAIN Festival

As we are inside of our house for more than 5 months, it is not better to go out of our house in the name of joy. We are not secure out of our house. When we visit our relatives we must maintain social distance. For this year it is far better not to visit to many relatives also. Visit to those relatives who are not far away from your house. It is better not to visit any parks and restaurant and hotels in the name of joy,

  • Limiting our Huge Purchase

We have a trend of spending a lot of money to buy so many unnecessary goods. We feel to spend much money during festivals because this is one of the bad trend that was developed for recent few years. It one of the impact of western culture too. So in place of buying heavy things in the name of celebration it is better to limit the purchase. Buy only those things without your celebration becomes incomplete.

  • Saving Money Rather than Spending

We can`t be rich person without focusing the habit of saving. How much money do you earn per month does not determine that you are rich person but how much money you have saved determines that you are rich. So do not spend much money, save more because it is not sure whether you get chance to get back to you company to work.

  • Enjoying Through Phone Call

It is sure that we can visit to all of our relatives to put tika and jamara as well as blessing from elder people. So we can your our phone call to talk to them and if you have access of internet than have a video call and take Blessing from elders. Try to live rather than losing our valuable life gifted by nature (our parents).

  • Conducting Indoor Activities.

It is far difficult to spend time without working. We con not conduct outdoor activities in a group like swinging, playing deice, or gambling. So you can your home made and home available things as a tool as start preparing swing, Ludo and so on and start to play with your family members. Playing with family members also increase more close relation and love too.

Though we had a trend to buy new cloths during festivals. Try your best to use your cloths that you have bought already for other purpose. If you try and encourage other people of your family and neighbors than you will be able to save some amount of money that can be helpful to solve some urgent problems. So it`s better not to buy new cloths this year to be alive and be quit stronger economically.

  • Prepare Jamara at your own Home.

We have developed habit to sow seed of Jamara at Temple in a group. It was socially better when there was not corona virus but this year this may be cause of suffering from corona virus and even death too finally if you do not get treatment in time due to huge numbers of corona victims. So this year put/sow jamara at your own house, if you try this there is less chance of being victim of corona virus.

  • Wash your Hand with Soup Frequently Before and After you Touch Tika

We wat tika and jamara from our elder people. We want to visit our relatives those whom we want and necessary to visit. So the person must be careful because we can`t judge about the people whether we are being contaminated with the corona virus or not. So teach your elder and older family members and relatives to wash hand with soup frequently after the touch of Tika and Jamara too.

  • Develop the Habit to take Blessing Rather than Trend of Collecting Money.

We have developed the trend of collecting money in the name of visiting our relatives and elders getting blessing. So the time has come to correct our bad traditions and customs which passed for a long time. We educated people should try to increase the consciousness among the people not to take and give money in the name of taking and giving blessing as we do in our DASHAIN Festival. In place of giving money let us change the trend to give and take flower only. If we do so how happy will be those people who are economically very poor and they had to celebrate festivals in debt.

  • Taking Care of Ourselves

There is a crowed in one side and scattered people in another side. Crowed is with corona virus and scattered people are safe and happy, so it is you’re your choice to choose corona or healthy live ahead. It is wiser to be safe ourselves and taking care of our children. To be safe you need to stay at home and celebrated DASHAIN festivals inside of your home with your family members.

There are some other people who do not care about corona virus. They may have no family too. They want to transmit it to other heathy people of your society. So observe the people who visit to your society in the various name and services. Live healthy, prosperous, happy and self- respect. Live heathy and let others to maintain healthy life a head because there are so many years left to celebrate DASHAIN Festivals if we became alive and healthy too.

I wish for your best Celebration of DASHAIN Festival 2077. God bless us and keep us away from Corona virus, COVID-19.

HAPPY DASHAIN 2020/2077 to all the Hindu people who celebrate DASHAINFESTIVAL.

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