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How to Plan Best Ways of Making Festivals Unforgettable

Bhisma Dhamala Murali

Best Ways of Making Festivals WHAT IS FESTIVAL?

Festival is an occasion where people participate to exchange their happiness, sorrow, beliefs and thoughts. Different communities have developed their own festivals according to their norms, values, traditions and customs. For example Nepal is a small country in the Asia continent where we find 125 ethnic groups (castes) and they speak 123 language. They follow around 10 religions. So they may have variety of festivals. They have these different festivals also and celebrating on the different times.

Generally there are two types of festivals:

  1. Social festivals: those festivals which were developed by the social people according their own social norms and values. Social festivals are also known as cultural festivals. For example, Udhauli, Ubhauli, Losar, Maghe Sankranti, Father`s Day, Mother`s Day, New Year, Jatras, Dewali , Guthi etc.
  2. Religious festivals: those festivals which were developed by the people of different religions according to their religious beliefs. For examples, Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, Christmas, Baishak Purnima, Krishna Asthami, Janai Purnima, Eid, Gaura Teej ect.

We love to celebrate our different festivals but we may not have ideas of how to make our festivals funny and memorable. Best ways are as bellow;

1.Decorating House

At first we must decorate our house with suitable colors and lights according to our festivals. While decorating our house we must try our own best to make our house original which can express our originality and origin. Our house must also reflect our norms, values and tradition.

2 .Using Attractive Picture at Your Guest Room.

Your civilization starts from your guest room because how you behave, think and do is expressed from your decoration of your house, kitchen and toilet. So keep neat and clean your kitchen and toilet but make attractive your guest room. To make your guest room attractive you must pest most beautiful pictures of beautiful scene of natures and animals. These pictures provide pleasure to all of your family members and relatives. When they celebrate festivals in this scene they always remember this event.

3.Visit to the Elderly People  Best Ways of Making Festivals

When we take part to celebrate festivals we must plan to visit to the elderly people and take blessing. On the one hand side we get blessing on the other hand side we can make our relation bond. We can get some better ways of how to handle problems that may appear in the different stages of our life because, all the elderly people have passed so many ups and downs. From their life events we can do better in our future time.

4.Wear Beautiful Costumes

Our personalities are determines according to our uniform. If we iron very neatly and wear we can impress other and get respect. If we have new dress according to your festivals that suits better. So another memory is to wear beautiful dress according to the needs of our festivals.

5.Visit New Places

Festivals are the means of happiness. Happiness is the source of success. So to make memory it is better to visit new places with family members. When you go to visit new places with family you can get chance to share love and care. You would not have free time before festivals because there was no holiday. But when you have a time during festivals, your life partner or brothers, sisters, and mother and father want to spend time with you. Spent a lot time with family members in a new place so that your festival becomes unforgettable.

6.Meet Your Friends

Friends are more likely to have your unique source of happiness. You had passed so much time with your friends during childhood. So we can`t forget our childhood. That is why it is better to meet your friends whom you did not met for a long time. But when go to meet don`t call them saying I am visiting to your house rather so without informing that makes your festival unforgettable.

7.Offering Gift

You must be positive. Positive thinking makes people successful and honor. But while giving gift you need to think about your relation and economic condition. If you are economically weak it is not better no spend more amount of money. You can buy attractive and beautiful dolls or cloths or watch or mobile and so on. That finally makes your relation alive and better.

8.Helping Needy People

The habit of caring and sharing are greater than heaven. We all are not rich and poor. So we must save little amount of money while buying things to celebrate festivals which we can use to help needy people. There so many street children, homeless parents and so on. So we must visit old age houses and child care center to help people with money, cloths or food stuffs.  This trends helps other to develop positive attitude towards.

9.Organizing Pooja (worship)

This universe is guided by some supernatural power. So sometimes we need to believe on god. So it is better to take part on worshiping to different god and goddess either through priest at your home or visit temples and donate some money and foods or something as required by the time and circumstances.

10.Make Swinging

It is better to find open place and construct swing through bamboo or wood by the help of social and neighboring people. When we take part to play swing with our neighborhood we can make very close and mutual relationship. It also creates social participation and social participation makes united relation.

11.Clean Programs

Healthy environment makes our health sound. So we youth people need to take part on cleaning programs. We may take part to clean streets and streams and rivers of our community and encourage other too to keep street neat and clean. Not only that we can clean our park, color it, clean temple, gumbas. Mosques. Church, etc, use color on them. When we take part to do so we get more relax and thing of reaching on heaven.

12.Plantation programs

Our life is attached with the life of biology and their ecosystem. Plants are of various types. All of them are very essential for our healthy life. So we need to encourage villagers to plant trees and flower on the gardens, parks and streets. If we develop the culture of that it creates chance to build our personality and prestige in the community. That can be one event that is never be forgotten.

So these may be the one best ways to make our festivals unforgettable. Have you done these things during celebrating festivals? If not start now onwards and make your life colorful and beautiful.

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