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Accountant job earns 150000 per month

Accountant job earns 150000 per month

Who is an accountant?

Accountant is a person who keeps up to date of all the financial activities of the organization where he or she employed. An account is appointed by the organization for easiest services to the customers on the one hand side on the other hand to keep recording of all the income and expenditures of the company or the organization on the daily basis. Generally, more than two accountants are appointed to run an organization where there is a rate of transaction of goods and services. An accountant is very much responsible for the duties which he/she is appointed for. If some disorder is happened then accountant will be sole responsible.

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How do we get information of accountant job?

It is not so difficult to get information about vacancy of accountant. You better to develop the habit of reading newspaper and listen F.M and radio. Sometimes you may get the information through social media. So better to connect on the online business sites and social media too.

How much an accountant job is paid?

There are various sectors and organizations established in different areas. Some of the have high profit and some of the may not have such a profit. According to the profit and work load accountant job is paid differently in different organizations and Business company. Some common areas of Nepal where accountant`s salary are listed below.

School accountant job    15000-350000 per months.

College accountant job   25000-5-45000 per months.

University level accountant 35000-500000 per months.

Financial institutions accountant 50000-100000 per months.

Industrial accountant 25000-450000 per months

Publication`s accountant 50000-100000 per months.

Shopping Mahal accountant 25000-80000 per months.

Stationery accountant 25000-40000 per months.

Corporation accountant 50000-150000.

These all are possibly estimated rated, actually there is higher salary than mentioned above. It depends upon your experienced and honesty. Try to be up to date new system of IT thatecome a Succesful Online Business will definitely support for your career.

What is the possibility to get accountant job at present?

There are so many entrepreneurs ready to invest money to run their own private enterprise. When people start to be self-reliant and boss of own company then they have so many duties to be done in time. They do not get time to check up all the investment and transaction and expenditures of the company. Finally they want to hire such an accountant who has better ideas to solve their problems. So within few years there will be very high demand of accountant but be ready to face the challenges. Challenges means being able to adjust in the near future advances technology.

10 requirements for an accountants

Some of the qualities are very essential for the candidates of accountant. These all requirements are listed below:

  • Diploma in computer

As you are going to take the post of an accountant job, you must have minimum diploma level certificate of computer skill. When you are capable of using computer in an advance ways then you will have more chance to get appointed.

  • Minimum requirement of experience

Without having experienced of accounting in certain organization it will be very difficult to work in the huge organization. So you must have minimum experience of working as an accountant at least one fiscal year. When you pass one year then you may get higher opportunities to gain more basic skills required for an accountant.

  • Skill of typing both Nepali and English

Some people may not know to type Nepali they know to type in English but an organization wants you able to type both Nepali and English both language because sometimes there is a requirement of typing letters and invitation in both language according to the existing level of people`s education and civilization.

  • Habit of keeping record of income and expenditures

Some accountant wants to keep information very clearly in both software system and hand written register to maintain record up to date. However, some of the accountant collect money and use for their personal work without keeping authentic record. This is a decisive act that will never support for bright future. So, you have to take right path and keep record very clearly and submit it to the boss for the verification. That finally adds your honesty and prestige in the organization or company too.

Money which you have received or collected should count clearly and deposit in the bank. If you deposit in the bank that is one of the good habit of an accountant. This habit will surely help you to keep up to date of all the transaction of the company.

  • Habit of providing Cheque while paying money

Sometimes, we will be given rights to distribute salary of the all employees of the company. At this time never and ever try to give hand cash because if someone tried to cheat they can blame you that saying that I did not receive money if you forget to ask their signature while receiving but if you use cheque system then every things records will be in the bank.

  • Updating to the owner of the organization about the profit or loss

It is your duties to inform about the each and every thing of the organization related to the finance. When you provide actual information the owner can plan better ways to run the organization in the future.

  • Use of polite language to the costumers

As you are the person having direct connecting with all types of customers of the organization or company use very polite language and increase faith and respect towards the company or organization. If you became angry or use rude language while having conversation face to face of through cell phone or land line call. Make happy to all the concerned people of the organization as far as possible.

  • Providing bill of each time when you receive money

One and final thing an accountant job required the habit of giving bills of every sell or purchase of service or goods. When you receive money from your customers you have to give bill. If you develop the habit of giving billing system that will help you to find mistake if occurred.

These are common requirements for the job of an Marketing Jobs. Apart from these there may be the requirements but it depends upon the types of organization and amount of purchase or sell.


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