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16 Best ways of Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

As we know that this year is the worst year for all the people of the world due to Corona Virus, COVID 19. Generally almost all countries have declared lock down. Till today there is no any authorized medicine or vaccine for the treatment of corona patients. Intellectual and doctors have announced for self-isolation as a treatment for the victims of corona and social distance and wearing marks whenever we go out from our house.

Finally, we can say and suggest each and every one not go out from house until the emergency because we can`t recognize who is contaminated with corona or not.

So, I request you all to take preventive measures yourselves as far as possible. Educated other people who do not take care Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali of those preventive measures and create healthy and peaceful society and be safe for ever and ever.

In this drastic and dreadful circumstance situation we gave to be very much serious and celebrate our festivals. There may have various ways to celebrate Tihar or Dipawali for the people of different places. Some common ways to follow to celebrate our Tihar or Dipawali in this pandemic are listed and discussed in the following points:’

Dipawali is being celebrated by using varieties of flowers either made by plastic of naturally grown in the garden. Sisters want to make garland not only for the brothers for Bhaitika, they also prepare for main doors, windows, gate, vessels and other animals whom we worship at Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali time. So, this year we are not able to buy from the market because we can`t find the people whether they are contaminated or not. That is why it is better to plant varieties at our garden around the house and preparing at our own home in the lock down.

If we are able to grow at our own home we have two benefits. First there is no chance of contaminated of corona virus and second one is we can save money which we used to buy varieties of flowers.

  • Saving money rather than buying unnecessary things

Many of we who used to work in the private sectors have no job now. Those who have working also do not get satisfactory salary. Those who are government employee also may get salary late then the usual time period. It means we have very little ways of income. In this serious situation we have to develop the habit of saving money rather than spending money for unnecessary things. Late there is high chance of saving life in the huge crisis of money.

  • Helping neighbors to follow good habits

Some of the people living in the same society may have involved in the bad habits like going outside in the name of morning and evening walk and meeting various people outside. Some others have a habit of visiting different places without any important works and so on. So as a civilized citizens it is your duties to make the convinced and never letting them to visit other places without necessary or emergency works. If we develop good habit then there is high chance of living corona free society and healthy society.

  • Never visiting parks and hotels

Generally we had a habit of visiting new place and parks with our family members and relatives during the festivals. But this year your trend may differ than previous years because this year we have to stay at our own home rather than visiting new places and entering hotels and restaurants to have delicious food. So, try to spend time with family members, talk and play with them only and have fun and try to be happy because festivals come in each and every year. If we have a life we can enjoy nest year.

  • Preparing delicious food items through the things available at home

We all have internet at our home or in our neighbors` house. By the use of internet we can search all the information which we need to prepare varieties of food items by using the things available at our home. Prepare whatever item you like and want according to the things available at your home but never go outside to buy or hire. Try to satisfy with the things available at your home or locality.

  • Using locally made Diya to illuminate house

We want to illuminate our house through electric wire and bulbs. If you have kept safely which you have used last year you can use the same if not nearby your house there may be the person who makes Diya to Illuminate house, go and take very safely and use them. That will promote mutual relation between you and neighbors who have such occupation. It means focus for localization rather than globalization in this pandemic.

  • Maintaining precaution while picking up grown flowers

We have a trend of pick upping flowers to make a garland. While collecting flowers be very careful to pick up because there may be chance of contaminating from virus if it was touched by contaminated person. So, it is better to use globs while doing the works of preparing garlands and so on.

  • Never buy flowers haphazardly from the market

If you do not have flowers at your home then never go to the market to buy flowers haphazardly. You can make good relation with the neighbors who have planted flowers for Tihar festival. Ask them to give how much they can. You can give money in return of flowers to the neighbors. Finally it better or wiser to use flowers how much available rather than how much is required.

  • Give gifts through different apps

As doctors proved that corona virus can easily passed from one person to another through money faster than other means because it is used by each and every one for various purposes. They use hand to control sneezing or coughing and use same hand to catch money without washing properly by using soap. So you can use various apps available in the market and supports to transfer money easily like esewa or kahlti app and so on.

  • Giving Dan (donation) to Deuse and Bhaili through Apps

It is better to band to paly Deusi and Bhaili for this corona pandemic because there is high chance of transforming virus from one person to another person. Though some people may play at their own home and in the neighborhood, during it too better to transfer money through suitable apps which supports your locality Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali. Like esewa or khalti apps.

  • Don`t buy meat from market

During Tihar some people may buy meat from the market without checking healthy means. People who sells meat from the market may have visited various places and people too. So he/she may not be safe from virus. So never buy meat from the market. You can buy from your neighbors if they have. So never go out in search of meet.

Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali

  • Develop the habit of washing hands using soap after and before of doing some things

Whenever you go out to buy very necessary things for Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali, you have to wash your hands with soap properly before you enter home and touch other things. Try not to think that corona does not have with my relatives and friends, this is false thinking and bad habit. Each and every one may have corona virus, so be careful and save you and your family members` life from this pandemic.

  • Don`t gather many people in the name of playing Deusi and Bhaili

As I have already mentioned earlier not no play Deusi and Bhaili. Never encourage other people to join and gather in the name of playing Deusi and Bhaili Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali. This year let`s try to have alive life next year will be playing more than 10 days to have fun and happiness.

  • If possible never decide to take part to play Deusi and Bhaili

Your life is on your own hand. You have a right to take part to play Deusi and Bhaili. But for this year if possible never take part in playing Deusi and Bhaili Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali.

  • Formation of Youth Club to monitor villagers

Some people may start to involve in bad habit, start to paly Deusi and Bhaili in the prohibited areas and place. So it is far better to form youth’s group and mobilizing them for the security of whole society and village too Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali .

  • Circulate the message not to involving in gambling, playing cards and alcoholism

Youth groups have to circulate the message not to involve in bad habits like gambling, playing cards, alcoholism and conflict and so on. Youths must make aware very carefully and create healthy and peaceful society for not only this year for ever and ever because many youths themselves involved in these all bad habits and teaching younger generation to involve in the same bad habits too. If possible take help from local police to control these bas cultures and habits existing in our societies.

These all above mentioned ways are common for all types of society and communities. Let us join our hands and form good society and Celebrating Tihar or Dipawali2020 or 2077.

Wishing you happy Tihar or Dipawali.


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