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13 Steps of Making Chhat Puja 2020/2077 Unforgettable

13 Steps of Making Chhat Puja 2020/2077 Unforgettable

As there is a dreadful pandemic Corona Virus spreading day by day over a large areas, we have to be very careful while taking part in celebrating Chhat Puja 2020/2077. To be safe from corona virus we have to maintain social distance and wear mask whenever we go out from our house for the emergency work. Without emergency work it is not better to go out. It is more difficult to take children and aged people while going out.

Another treatment for corona virus is being isolated from other members until the report comes corona negative. Actually till today there is no any treatment out of isolation to the corona victims. No medicine works for the treatment.

Image Source:- Chhath puja

Therefore, there are certain steps to be followed to be safe from corona virus while observing worshipping to the Sun God. 13 ways of celebrating Chhat Puja on the Corona Pandemic are listed and discussed below:

  • Planning for Precaution

At first we have a culture of worshipping Sun God at Chhat Puja with a long history. Chhat Puja is one of the aged Hindu Vedic Festival being celebrated from Truth age so human society. We may have vow to worship to Sun God too. However, this year we have more challenges to celebrate being safe from Corona Pandemic. So we have to plan early to keep whole family and social members free from corona virus and worship Sun God too.

For this purpose you have to stay at home, only one member can go out from house to buy emergency items for the other family and wash hands frequently. If possible keep isolation to the member who goes out from house daily either for official purpose or to buy necessary things. Use same rules for whole society through social media.

  • Buying Necessary Things From the Market Nearby Your House by Maintaining Social Distance

As government has given permission to open market for certain hours per day by maintaining precaution with social distance, you also can choose one family to go out from house to buy necessary things for the Puja. Remember corona may transmit from relatives too if they have contaminated but dot appear any symptoms. So keep wearing marks and globs on the hands, wear glass and maintain social distance while purchasing goods for puja.

  • Using Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables Available at Your Home Only

In the market also we can find required flowers, vegetables, and flowers but they may have contaminated by the corona virus while pick upping and transporting from one person to another person or one place to another. If you maintain all precaution though there is high chance of suffering from corona virus. So, best and safe strategy is using all available flowers, fruits and vegetable at your home only because this habit makes you stronger enough to fight with corona virus.

  • Keeping Surrounding Neat and Clean

We have a trend of keeping our surrounding neat and clean and decorate our house during various festivals and ceremonies to create beautiful scene and make festivals and ceremonies unforgettable. Like other festivals Chhat Puja is also another very interesting and having religious values. So it is better to keep our surroundings and rivers as well as streams neat and clean where we go to worship Sun God on the very day of Chhat Puja.

  • Wash Hands Frequently by Using Soap after Touching each Things of Puja Items

As we have discussed in the precaution portion too about the ways of being safe from virus. Not only washing hands while going and coming from out of the house, it is equally very important to wash hands after preparing each items for Puja. It is far better to prepare by the person who is going to tale fast and worship Sun God with Argha (offering sacred water with chanting mantras from Rig Veda). If it is done properly there is no chance of transmitting virus from one person to another.

  • Preparing Sweets at Home With the Things Available at Home

Generally, we had a culture of preparing all things along with sweets and food items at home and buy other required items from the market for the Puja. But this year do not by any things from the market. Make each and every thing as far as possible at you own home by the things available at your home only to be safe from corona virus.

  • Preparing Kharna (Rice Pudding) by Using Cow Milks and Sugar Cane Available at Home Only

There was a trend of collecting cow milk and sugar (cane) from the market to prepare Kharna and eat in the second day of the puja for the women and men who keep fasting. But this year try to prepare Kharna by using the things available at your home because first save life and celebrate later.

  • Requesting Relatives to Stay at Their Own Home for This Year

There was a trend of inviting and gathering during Chhat Puja with all the relatives and known people. One person could hold of fasting of various people and provide argha to the Sun God in the name of all people. But this year try to hold fasting of others too but never invite and gather together in the name of celebrating Chhat Puja. So say sorry to these all people for this year because of being unable to invite them all.

  • While Making Tent, Making Separately by Maintaining Three to Five Meter Distance from One-Another

We have to make tent near the river. This year never go far away from your house, try to find river or stream nearby your house and make tent for worshipping Sun God. But mind it that never make tent without maintaining 3-5 meter distance from one another. If possible use rope to separate way of going and returning from the river. Never try to exchange any things from other family members while worshipping Sun God.

  • Participating Only Two Person to Worship Sun God

     Image SOurce:- Chhath puja

We had a trend of going all family members and relatives in the river in the name of worshipping Sun God. This year take the person who is the agent of fasting and one supporting members. If other members stay at home then only we can be safe and safely worship to the god.

  • Take Children and Aged People at Home and Take Care of House Too

Children and aged people are the more victims of corona virus because they have less immunity power. So other young members should stay at home with children and aged people, preparing food and feeding in time to increase immunity power. Not only that during festivals some people have a target of robbery the house and take valuable properties too. That is why stay at home and take care of house and provide security too.

  • Mobilize Youths or Police Not to Make Crowed by the People Who Go to Rivers and Market Only for Entertainment.

Youth club and groups can be formed by the local government to monitor unnecessary activities of the villagers and other people during festivals. Not only that army or police men also can be mobilize during festivals of Chhat Puja. This information should be circulated earlier around one month before of the Chhat puja. If someone does not obey, they should be punished by law. This habit supports to create peaceful ad healthy circumstance for the celebration of festivals.

  • Stop Sharing Prasadi (Sacred Food of Puja) of Chhat Puja to the Neighbors or Relatives

We have developed one wrong concept that is there is no corona virus with our relatives and friends. So we go and come from one family member to another to discuss and play games and celebrate festivals. I mean to say that corona may be with anyone who was on the contact of other unknown people or so many people too. So we must be careful our self and never share Prasadi of Chhat Puja though there is a trend of taking as a sacred gifts or food. If we do so there is no chance of suffering from corona virus.

These are some common steps of celebrating Chhat Festival and making unforgettable. We must sacrifice something to be safe and healthy and live long with family members too.

Wishing You Happy Chhat Puja 2020/2077 for all the Devotees.


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