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11 Rules to Make Our Better Life.

Before discussing about its rules, it’s better to know about what is life. So let’s learn first about life.

What is a Life?

Life is a gift, gifted by our parents with the grace of Gods and Goddesses. In other words, life is the condition which differ from animals and plants, including the capacity of growths from the birth and lots of changes till death. Our life is the gift of Nature (parents i.e. father and mother) on the earth to enjoy. Some of we are able to enjoy this golden opportunity and having heavenly life and some others are putting their life in the hell. It means those who choose right paths will able to enjoy the heavenly life and those who choose wrong paths will automatically reach towards the hell.

How is the life of Human Different from Animals?

Human`s life is supernatural life which is powerful than life of others organism in the whole universe. So, human are wise animal in the whole universe. They have a sense that they can easily control their anger, find easily what is wrong and wright, love all the things in and around of them. However, animals do not have these all sense to control each and every things of their life though they have their own way of talk to their other animals. So they are totally different from one another that human control all animals of the universe not being control by animals.

Due to various reasons we are supernatural organism of the nature god. So make our life better we must follow following 11 rules. Which are discussed in the following sub-points:

  • Obey your Parents and Gurus

Our parents are the real god who gave birth and took care us when we were innocent and weak too. They always became worried about our health, food, shelter, security and education. They did not eat full of their stomach because they were worried about our hungriness and they did not sleep full night because they were worried about us to fall asleep.  Gurus always became worried to make us educated and benevolent to have a better future life. So to make our life better and prosperous we need to always respect their contribution and never make the unhappy.

  • Speak Truth and Politely

The person who speak truths only will achieve success in the future. He/she is like and respected by all other people. All religions also have their novel paths that is to speak truth always. Not only that you need to always speak politely while talking to your relatives, friends, gurus, parents, strangers and even to those of enemies too. Speaking truths and politely will easily win the hearts of others and get respect too.

  • Be Positive always

If you are able to speak truths and politely you may have more positive attitudes towards others. Only positive thinking and aptitudes make a person successful. Never develop the doubt and suspension over others in and around of you because they never support to move through right way and towards expected destination of your parents and gurus.

  • Aim High

Do the work honestly but without expecting any benefits (Karma gara tara phal ko aash nagara). Being positive helps you to aim high, you may be fail times and again but never leave your destination but change the ways you are following because there is a saying that “successful person do not do different things but they do the same thing but differently”. That is why who aim high will easily capture better and successful life ahead.

  • Never Hate

Develop the habit to respect elders and love to the Youngers.  There are rich and poor people, healthy and ill people, successful and unsuccessful people, as well as old and child in and around of you. All of them are equally important for you to learn different thing from their life. There are not only human being there are helpless animals to. So your life will be better when you are able to respect these all people and creatures. If you can respect these all and feed them if you can`t then never hate them also. This habit makes your life better.

  • Don`t Worry

Always there never be sunny day and dark nights. There are two equal side day and night or happiness and sadness, success and failures too. Someone may achieve success in the first attempt other may not be able to achieve success after thunders of attempts. But you must have the capacity of bear these all events. Sometimes someone may blame you without your mistake or involvement too. People start to speak those words which we can`t listen also. At that time be patience and accept these all activities and words as blessing and correct your ways if you have done mistake otherwise never feel frustrate and worried also because your bearing capacity will support to take positive decision.

  • Have a Simple Life

“Simple living and high thinking” is the real motto to make your life successful and better. There are so many people they want to show off their high and better life to others but in reality they do not have that capacity. They borrow money from others and show off their relatives and neighbors. This is really bad habit which destroys all our dreams. So it`s better to have simple life and being happy and satisfied with the things which is with us. Never regret about the things that you have lost because you have not lost your life but learnt something from their which adds one more pillar to your life. So being simple person is better to be a cheater person which will make your future bright full.

  • Expect Little

It is better to expect little from you hard work because it makes you happy ever and ever because if you had a high expectation with little hard work and result is little it makes of sad but if you had little expect and you did a lot hard work and got high result that makes you happy and motivate to do more and more. So you can make your life better when you expect little and get better result.

We all have a habit to get respect from others but we have not the habit to respect others and their deeds. So it is wise to respect other whatever the caste, religion, gender, color or regions. Respect all the creatures of the universe and respect them equally. When other see that you are respecting others, they automatically start respecting and loving you too. This is the universal process and real truths too. Finally this habit supports you to be respected person and make you successful among others.

  • Live with Love

We all want to live happily and get much love. So loving all the creatures makes you feel happy and successful. Poor, needy, failure and backward people of our community or universe wants support and love. We can`t have healthy and happy life without making them happy. The only one way to make them happy is to eat, play, sing and dance with them and helping them in all the difficult situation. So love others get love from others and live with love. Finally you can make your life better than others.

  • Always Smile

    Better Life

Smile will win the heart of the enemies too. Enemies will give to get you rid and set you free. It is the medicine of pain and unsuccessful life. Smile attracts others towards and get ready to listen your thoughts. You can expand your business and get trusted among others. So always try to smile in the time of failure and painful situation. This is only one best way to live and be successful.

These all are the common and most essential characteristics of being the successful person. Those who are able to adopt in this all categories all the time, they only can make their life better and successful. You also try to follow these all rules and try once you can make your life successful  and better ahead.

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