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Why we are unable to get government Job?

 Why  we are unable to get Government Job?

This is very common question for every general people of the would generally job provides us plate from to service in this in-service and successfully without any hindrances.

Generally job holders of two type’s job. One is private and another is government job. Actually we get much more facilities from the government job. Government job with the less work load as we compared with the private job. It means private job demands many efforts and time then the government job. Private Job may not long last because we people are unable to private equal effort and time each and every moment and year. As own age passes our working ability will decrease because we may not have time to prepare for the changing world if we have time also, we feel bore and do not try also. As a result we have to leave the private job earlier then we actually want government job. the best best job for Government or Private job

But Government job is quite different from the private job. Actually we need much labor and effort during preparation period. It means before publishing own name in the list of the final list  published by public commissions we get   on preparing from each and every angle and try to be stronger than others. Generally we study research and prepare the examination of the publication commission. The list of the final result if once we are able to publish our name in the list after both written and oral examination   taken by authorized commission. There we go to the field to work we work according to own needs and desire but not according the others needs interests. It means we need not to prepare for each and every moment and time to continue our job. We easily get person period and person over people choose not others than government job. For this we fill from prepare list and hold the job, these are the processes and holding the government post is the final and ultimate goal and dream and number of every people. As a result number of competitors will be greater and tough competition as well, to brighten their future life. Now I can prove why are unable to get government job easily by following points.

  • Dew to more number f the competitors from different background and aptitude
  • Dew to much more facilities given to the job holders as we compare with private job.
  • Tension less life because if we once publish our name in the list from both written and oral examination it does not demands yearly preparation of the changing world.
  • To soured life from every angles.
  • Prestigious life events and successful future life.
  • Facilities of pension after the retirement life.
  • The quota system provided to each and every caste division.
  • The hello effect of the relative and powerful person.
  • To political interfaces over general people.

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