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How to change snapchat username

How to change snapchat username

  Most of the people using snap chat social messaging apps. It is the best send messaging connects to friends and family   daily use in their life. They send share file to each other connect to latter digital world to few second. They are no any idea how to change snap chat username  Adding your name on snapchat is a great way to help friends recognize your when you add them because let’s. For security reason it is currently not possible to change the username for existing account. If you want to you can delete your account and create a new one with different

username, if account has been deleted or permanently lucked, the username will no longer be available. Usernames always easy to understand your snapchat name is customizable and will appear to new snapchatters you add that can be very easy to change it. This name or username always appeared first before the subjects of the most left hand side in gear icon in your snapcht name as follow the few steps. for

To create or change your name, follow the below steps.

How to change snapchat username

  1. open Snapchat
  2. Swipe down
  3. Tap the setting icon
  4. Tap in the top-right corner of the profile page
  5. Select “Name” in the “My Account”
  6. Enter your name and select “Save”


  1. Tap the name under your snapchat on the profile screen
  2. Enter your chosen name
  3. Select”Save”.

Once that done you change snapchat username display in address in setting if you want change email address revert back to your previous email address.

it isn’t the most elegant solution but until Snapchat decides to let people change their handle, it’s currently the only option

Please note: it’s not possible to change your username at the moment. Also, if an account has been deleted or permanently locked, the username will no longer be available.


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