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free visa malaysia travel for citizens of Malaysia

Visa requirement for Malaysian citizen are administrative entry restriction by the authorities of others state placed on citizens of Malaysia. Malaysian citizen had  free visa or visa on arrival access to 169 countries and territories, ranking the Malaysian passport 11th in the world. The Malaysian passport is the passport issued to citizen of Malaysian by the department of immigration. They were formerly designated passport Malaysia but the spelling was changed to passport in the 1980s.

free-visa Malaysia travel for citizens

The main legislation governing the production of passports and travel documents their possessing by persons entering and leaving Malaysia and related matters is the passport Act 1966. Processing of Malaysian passport application and renewals is very rapid, with new passports usually issued one hour after payments for normal cases. The introduction of passport renewal kioks at immigration department branches across the country allow passport application to apply for their passports without queuing at the passport application counters


While the Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the overall performance of the Ministry, the day-to-day administration of the Ministry is handled by the Secretary-General. As the most senior the Secretary-General is responsible for ensuring that all government policies especially on international relations are implemented effectively.

The Secretary-General also advises the Minister on all issues related to policies, positions, roles and policy direction that should be undertaken to ensure that Malaysia’s interests are always protected and promoted. The Secretary-General also ensures that there is strong coordination at all times with other Ministries and government agencies in order to ensure coherent and sound foreign policies objectives.

As the administration of the Ministry involves both broad and specific areas of specialties, the Secretary-General is traditionally assisted by three Deputy Secretaries-General; Deputy Secretary-General (Bilateral Affairs); Deputy Secretary-General (Multilateral Affairs); and Deputy Secretary-General (Management Services).


However, due to the complex and intricate world of diplomacy today, the Secretary-General is also assisted by many other senior Heads of Department that report directly to the Secretary-General. These officials include the Chief of Protocol and Consular, Director General of ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat, Director General of Policy, Planning and Coordination, Director General of Communications and Public Diplomacy, Director General of Maritime Affairs, Director General of the Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT), Director General of the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) and Chairman of the National Authority on Chemical Weapons Convention (NA CWC).


Several Undersecretaries assist the Heads of Department in ensuring the implementation of the foreign policies objectives of the country. They are supported by officers at various levels.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently comprises 11 Departments. In addition, there are 105 overseas Missions as well as 51 Honorary Consuls in major cities in 42 countries worldwide.




If you have a passport from Malaysia, you can visit these countries without getting a visa before your trip:


free-Visa  free visa malaysia entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 6 months

Barbados            Dominica       United Kingdom

free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 183 days


free-Visa  entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 4 months


free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 3 months

Algeria   Bahamas   El Salvador  Honduras Hong Kong

Ireland Kenya1,        Kuwait2     Namibia    New Zealand


1Visa-on-arrival fee: USD50.

2Visa-on-arrival fee: KWD5.

Visa-free entry to Schengen area for 90 days of any 180-day period

Austria     Belgium  Czech Republic   Denmark Estonia

Finland  France  Germany    Greece  Hungary  Iceland

Italy Latvia  Liechtenstein  Lithuania   Luxembourg   Malta

Monaco  Netherlands   Norway  Poland   Portugal   Slovakia

Slovenia  Spain   Sweden   Switzerland

free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 90 days

Albania   Bolivia1  Bosnia and Herzegovina    Botswana   Brazil

Chile    Colombia   Guatemala   Malawi   Nicaragua2

South Korea   Venezuela   Zambia    1Visa-on-arrival fee: USD52.

2Visa-on-arrival fee: USD10.

Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 1 month

Antigua and Barbuda   Belize  Lebanon

Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 30 days

Argentina  Bangladesh  Brunei Indonesia  Mongolia

South Africa  Taiwan Thailand  United Arab Emirates

Uruguay  Vietnam

free visa malaysia

free visa malaysia

free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 21 days


free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 15 days


free-Visa entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 14 days


Visa-on-arrival fee: BHD5.

All other destinations

To visit other countries, or to stay for longer periods, you may require a visa. Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting.



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