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Are you come to Dubai how to get Dubai visa

Are you come to Dubai how to get Dubai visa

Many people come to Dubai, especially Dubai, every day, every month and every year out of the country of UAE. Their aims to get dubai visa and job earn lot of money theirs jobs. Most of the people came here to enjoy their vacations, on a business trip, for education or for job.

You are going job Dubai you can first get Dubai visa. Visa requirements are different for people from different countries out of the nearest citizens. Some citizens visa can be granted upon arrival from any of the UAE airports.. These countries are Australia, Andorra, Austria, Brunei, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong , Ireland, Iceland , Italy, Japan, Singapore, San Marino, South Korea,   Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom ( Excepts the British overseas citizen ), United States and the Vatican.

The visa policies are different in Gulf countries some Arab Countries in Middle East and its members are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

UAE governments are four types of visas which are issued to other nation’s citizen’s tourist visa, visit visa work visa and student residence visa.



A large number of Dubai visa issued to the people coming to Dubai are tourist visa. Tourist visa is valid in 30 days and they are issued by the tourist companies. The problems with visit visa is that cannot renew it or extend it and if you have to stay for more than 30days you should except paying a certain amount as fine and these visa are valid for 60 days and the term of stay can be extended for 30 extra days by making extra payment. However law requires the extension to be made before the 60th day of the ordinary stay without extension. If the visitor stays than the ordinary term of 60 days or extended term of 90 days, they have to pay fine per day of the stay and another amount on top of it.

If you are going on Dubai work visa which is issued to people who are coming to UAE for job or business. Work visa has a fairly extended limit of 60 days and within this period of 60 days the person coming to UAE should get his work residence visa processed. Types of work visas include servants, partners, investors, Government institutions and ministries (person can only work for them).

Student  residence visa and that is applied by people who to come to UAE to study further. All such persons are required to fill and submit the student visa from and the student undertaking latter.

As a general requirement , Photocopy of passport, visa application from and all required documents and copies must be submitted  your scanned copies is clearly and with color to avoid any rejection.

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